Monday, November 19, 2012

Skinny Jeans & Tucking

There are many things that big girls should not do.  As a larger woman, as I have been all my life, I have learned many valuable life lessons.  First, there are only two stores in a mall that will have clothes to fit you (sometimes there is only one).  Second, sometimes you need to wear stretchy pants in your room, its just for fun! (if you have watched Nacho Libre you will understand this concept).  Next, big girls do not look right in skinny jeans.  Well, at least I know I do not.  Something about showing off the intricate curves of my thighs is not attracting to me (your preference may be different) .  Lastly, big girls DO NOT TUCK.  I worked for a business where tucking was mandatory.  Oh Lord come quickly if I ever have to tuck a dress shirt again.

My inspiration this week to write is from a great friend that I haven't talked to in 10 years.  We have had some great texts lately and he has awakened the need to exercise even more (I am one big sexy woman)

Also, my best friend Melissa.  Her diet fads and consistency in my life makes me get out of my chair and do a couple jumping jacks throughout the day.  I can not forget my cousin Amanda who is on this journey of "life changing, food bashing, non diet eating".  I can't agree more that my life has changed this year and I have had an awakening to healthy living and portion control. 

On a non serious note, the holidays are vastly approaching and I am going to hide in the closet until they stop making pies, cookies, and things you put gravy over.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Why does unhealthy food taste so good?  My weight loss journey has veered off course for a week and I have eaten greasy cheese bread and pizza OH NO!  Yes it is true I have indulged in the delicacy of Little Italy's pizza extravaganza.

However, writing about eating and food allows me to refocus on my goal.  I have hung a pair of goal jeans in my room to look at and get motivation to exercise!

On a more spiritual note:

I went to a christian concert a couple weeks ago and was introduced to a new raper by the name of Tedashii.  One of his lyrics really stood out ot me "I went from enemy t intimacy".  May that be my  prayer this embrace the devine intimacy of Jesus <3
"Yes, on a permanent team
You can say I'm fresh to death, I'm eternally clean
Used to walk to by my own beat of drum, internal instinct
But went from enemy to intimacy, I been redeemed
Through the cross and now I floss in His Paternal Regime
No more living single, it's like I done turned on Regine
In the body I got it, wha-what fraternity means
He prevailed my hell so there will be no burning of me
So keep the urn and the wreath, cause I'll return to the king
Accepted fully cause of the cross' conversion of me
So if I flex, it ain't in flesh
He bore my burden for me
And baby when I say I'm fresh
It's cause He birthed a new me"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Biggest Loser

My weigh in day is tomorrow and so far I have lost 16 pounds on my journey of weight loss.  I recently joined a gym and began walking and and weight training.  However, I decided to join a different gym that had free visitors!  Now, I can bring a workout partner with me when I put the tennis shoes to the treadmill.

I have began watching Biggest Loser from the beginning.  I have made it to season 7 and have been inspired so much that I have changed my food intake and my exercise routine.  I am not tired of eating chicken but lettuce needs to be shelved!

A friend of mine came to visit and asked me a life changing question.  She asked me why I want to loose weight.  I know that I have hundreds of reason why but I need to focus on that one specific reason WHY?  I don't have my answer yet, but I am still contemplating my goal.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sugar Free Jell-O

DAY I've already lost count. ha!

If this is for the rest of my life why should I keep count!  There is never going to be an ending.  This week I have lost 6 lbs!!  for a grand total of 15!!!  But in all actuality I don't even feel different or look different.  So I am thinking it was was from my double chin or back fat!!  hahahahaha  I crack myself up sometimes.

This weeks mission is find a gym that is satisfactory and affordable.  My wonderful bff Melissa and I are still comparing and praying about where to rest or shall I say EXERCISE!  We have looked into LA Fitness, Fitness 19 and I just passed on the way home a Fitness USA.  If any of my readers know of a cheap fitness center please feel free to leave a comment.

I found a great recipe for Tilapia at: I am sure you all will love it!  It was yummy followed by a sugar free Jello cup.  Sugar free stuff is actually tasty!  Also, I have chosen a goal outfit, of a pair of jeans that are currently hanging in my closet!  When I figure out how to post a photo I will add a picture of them.

In other news, I have also took before pictures.  I got the idea from watching the many episodes of Biggest Loser.  Those however I am NOT posting until there is an after that will settle your soul.  As for my writing journey, I am encouraged to share my adventures of losing weight.  I hope that I have some fans that are cheering me on.

cake to carrots!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1

Once again, I am sitting at my laptop writing about eating.  One of my favorite subjects I might add.  I have began to write about eating last year and school kind of took over my time and I failed to continue.  My weight gain also took over. 

The more that I pray about this and continue to struggle with my body, eating and habits I am humbled.  Recently I was reminded that, often times God gives you thorns in your flesh to keep you humble and to keep you continually on your knees seeking Him.

And that I am doing.  I know what God's word says about my body (his temple) about moderation and addiction.  I was talking to a woman a few months ago and she said something that hit home.  She said, "I was addicted to food".  With my past addiction problems that I have been delivered from, I never once thought that my eating habits could be an addiction.  Then as I was in line at Taco Bell, I realized how much I love food.

Day 5

After coming back from vacation I have had a sudden urge to be healthy.  Once again I have began the "eating right" journey.  As I am older I have realized that I am an emotional eater and when I am sad, I tend to have a hand to mouth assembly line form with anything that has salt.  I have cleaned out my refrigerator and stocked up with "good to eat" food.  Finals are coming and I have to be prepared for the "S" word, STRESS.  The "D" word (diet) is not in my vocabulary.

Day 12

I have lost 9 pounds, my weigh in is tomorrow and I will bring this blog up to speed.  Weaknesses I see, are late night "yummy hungers" (that's what I call them).  I have replaced them with carrots or fat free popcorn, however last night I indulged with strawberries and cream cheese.  I just had to do it.  I don't think that God intended for us to not eat sugar, but I would have changed when I ate it.  I felt like I was committing a sin eating strawberries and cream cheese at 11:30 last night while I was typing away at my keyboard.

Mental note: (Work on NOT being a procrastinator when it comes to writing research papers)

I have watched three seasons of Biggest Loser and I have been inspired to begin my work out sessions.  While my schedule does limit my time right now with exercising, I have fit it in to my work schedule.  I sweat!  Goal # 1 Even though its nasty, I feel like when I sweat I have accomplished a mighty task!  Goal #2 Take the stairs at the parking garage and not the elevator.  I find it is very easy to go walk down stairs and dreadful to walk up (if you haven't noticed, just a reminded ha!)

I am beginning to write this blog once again, just write down my experiences, struggles with weight loss, victories and my journey as a single (30ish) woman on her journey through life.  Also, so I can laugh at myself when I read past entries.