Friday, October 19, 2012


Why does unhealthy food taste so good?  My weight loss journey has veered off course for a week and I have eaten greasy cheese bread and pizza OH NO!  Yes it is true I have indulged in the delicacy of Little Italy's pizza extravaganza.

However, writing about eating and food allows me to refocus on my goal.  I have hung a pair of goal jeans in my room to look at and get motivation to exercise!

On a more spiritual note:

I went to a christian concert a couple weeks ago and was introduced to a new raper by the name of Tedashii.  One of his lyrics really stood out ot me "I went from enemy t intimacy".  May that be my  prayer this embrace the devine intimacy of Jesus <3
"Yes, on a permanent team
You can say I'm fresh to death, I'm eternally clean
Used to walk to by my own beat of drum, internal instinct
But went from enemy to intimacy, I been redeemed
Through the cross and now I floss in His Paternal Regime
No more living single, it's like I done turned on Regine
In the body I got it, wha-what fraternity means
He prevailed my hell so there will be no burning of me
So keep the urn and the wreath, cause I'll return to the king
Accepted fully cause of the cross' conversion of me
So if I flex, it ain't in flesh
He bore my burden for me
And baby when I say I'm fresh
It's cause He birthed a new me"

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