Monday, November 19, 2012

Skinny Jeans & Tucking

There are many things that big girls should not do.  As a larger woman, as I have been all my life, I have learned many valuable life lessons.  First, there are only two stores in a mall that will have clothes to fit you (sometimes there is only one).  Second, sometimes you need to wear stretchy pants in your room, its just for fun! (if you have watched Nacho Libre you will understand this concept).  Next, big girls do not look right in skinny jeans.  Well, at least I know I do not.  Something about showing off the intricate curves of my thighs is not attracting to me (your preference may be different) .  Lastly, big girls DO NOT TUCK.  I worked for a business where tucking was mandatory.  Oh Lord come quickly if I ever have to tuck a dress shirt again.

My inspiration this week to write is from a great friend that I haven't talked to in 10 years.  We have had some great texts lately and he has awakened the need to exercise even more (I am one big sexy woman)

Also, my best friend Melissa.  Her diet fads and consistency in my life makes me get out of my chair and do a couple jumping jacks throughout the day.  I can not forget my cousin Amanda who is on this journey of "life changing, food bashing, non diet eating".  I can't agree more that my life has changed this year and I have had an awakening to healthy living and portion control. 

On a non serious note, the holidays are vastly approaching and I am going to hide in the closet until they stop making pies, cookies, and things you put gravy over.