Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I want to fit in.

a plane seat (and buckled)
a roller coaster
the lecture hall seat in my class
skinny jeans
a cute short skirt (without leggings)
my Detroit shirt


Well, it is day 3 of only liquids.  I am hungry.  I am day dreaming of a cheese pizza with bread sticks, and just think, a couple of says from now I won't even have hunger pangs like this.  I am excited for this journey and nervous.

I am nervous about throwing up, getting sick, feeling week, not being able to eat.  I am nervous about after surgery more than I am of the actual procedure.  Two days from now they will be cutting a portion of my stomach and placing it in a little garbage bag and pulling it out of my side.  Crazy thought.

I have had many people say that weigh loss surgery is the easy way out.  I am sorry to say that this is the hardest thing that I have had to do.  Between the requirements from my insurance company to the strict diet I have been following.  This is hard.  Not to mention that the journey has just begun.

I have a strict diet procedure for after surgery as well. Two weeks of nothing but liquids.  Two weeks of soft mushy foods, and one week of no red meat.  Plus the journey of exercise begins.  Who wants to have saggy loose skin hanging around after you lose weight.  Not me!

I am going to have to take the most medicine I have ever taken before.  I literally have a basket full of medication that I have to take before and after surgery.  CRAZY!!

Well, the journey has begun.  I am two days away from surgery.