Monday, July 30, 2012

Sugar Free Jell-O

DAY I've already lost count. ha!

If this is for the rest of my life why should I keep count!  There is never going to be an ending.  This week I have lost 6 lbs!!  for a grand total of 15!!!  But in all actuality I don't even feel different or look different.  So I am thinking it was was from my double chin or back fat!!  hahahahaha  I crack myself up sometimes.

This weeks mission is find a gym that is satisfactory and affordable.  My wonderful bff Melissa and I are still comparing and praying about where to rest or shall I say EXERCISE!  We have looked into LA Fitness, Fitness 19 and I just passed on the way home a Fitness USA.  If any of my readers know of a cheap fitness center please feel free to leave a comment.

I found a great recipe for Tilapia at: I am sure you all will love it!  It was yummy followed by a sugar free Jello cup.  Sugar free stuff is actually tasty!  Also, I have chosen a goal outfit, of a pair of jeans that are currently hanging in my closet!  When I figure out how to post a photo I will add a picture of them.

In other news, I have also took before pictures.  I got the idea from watching the many episodes of Biggest Loser.  Those however I am NOT posting until there is an after that will settle your soul.  As for my writing journey, I am encouraged to share my adventures of losing weight.  I hope that I have some fans that are cheering me on.

cake to carrots!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1

Once again, I am sitting at my laptop writing about eating.  One of my favorite subjects I might add.  I have began to write about eating last year and school kind of took over my time and I failed to continue.  My weight gain also took over. 

The more that I pray about this and continue to struggle with my body, eating and habits I am humbled.  Recently I was reminded that, often times God gives you thorns in your flesh to keep you humble and to keep you continually on your knees seeking Him.

And that I am doing.  I know what God's word says about my body (his temple) about moderation and addiction.  I was talking to a woman a few months ago and she said something that hit home.  She said, "I was addicted to food".  With my past addiction problems that I have been delivered from, I never once thought that my eating habits could be an addiction.  Then as I was in line at Taco Bell, I realized how much I love food.

Day 5

After coming back from vacation I have had a sudden urge to be healthy.  Once again I have began the "eating right" journey.  As I am older I have realized that I am an emotional eater and when I am sad, I tend to have a hand to mouth assembly line form with anything that has salt.  I have cleaned out my refrigerator and stocked up with "good to eat" food.  Finals are coming and I have to be prepared for the "S" word, STRESS.  The "D" word (diet) is not in my vocabulary.

Day 12

I have lost 9 pounds, my weigh in is tomorrow and I will bring this blog up to speed.  Weaknesses I see, are late night "yummy hungers" (that's what I call them).  I have replaced them with carrots or fat free popcorn, however last night I indulged with strawberries and cream cheese.  I just had to do it.  I don't think that God intended for us to not eat sugar, but I would have changed when I ate it.  I felt like I was committing a sin eating strawberries and cream cheese at 11:30 last night while I was typing away at my keyboard.

Mental note: (Work on NOT being a procrastinator when it comes to writing research papers)

I have watched three seasons of Biggest Loser and I have been inspired to begin my work out sessions.  While my schedule does limit my time right now with exercising, I have fit it in to my work schedule.  I sweat!  Goal # 1 Even though its nasty, I feel like when I sweat I have accomplished a mighty task!  Goal #2 Take the stairs at the parking garage and not the elevator.  I find it is very easy to go walk down stairs and dreadful to walk up (if you haven't noticed, just a reminded ha!)

I am beginning to write this blog once again, just write down my experiences, struggles with weight loss, victories and my journey as a single (30ish) woman on her journey through life.  Also, so I can laugh at myself when I read past entries.