Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Resolution

I have thought about and pondered the various resolutions that I should be tackling and the only one that seems interesting is writing.  I haven't posted in this blog in two years.  That is horrible!  Shame on me.

With that being said, I am proclaiming that I will be writing more often and updating my thoughts throughout the year on this and that.  While I have other goals this year as well, they are typical and I usually loose interest within a month and my flesh gives in to temptation.  

As I usually write down my goals every year:  I thought this would be a great start of publishing the dreams for the world to see.  (If anyone even reads this)


1. Pay off two credit cards completely
2. Apply for mortgage
3. Own home (long term)

1. Read the bible in a year
2. Study one book a month

1. Loose weight (its always a goal, right!)
2. Exercise 5 times a week (i need it)
3. Go for a walk!

1. Write at least once a month in this crazy blog.
2. Read 20 books other than textbooks and Spanish Education.
3. Complete my Masters Degree :)

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